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businesses, homes and most importantly families from structural lightning damage since 1983.

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Eddie Baca...

opened Baca Lightning Protection in 1983 and has been installing world class systems internationally. Specializing in installations on commercial, industrial, and residential structures.

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Locally Owned and Operated

Formerly based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Baca Lightning Protection has moved to Albuquerque, to be more centrally located and better server our customers. Baca Lightning Protection has been installing world class lightning protection systems since 1983. Expanding our operations, we specialize in installations on commercial, industrial and residential structures throughout the U.S., U.S. territories and various locations around the world.

We also provide protection for specialty systems including: Trees, Water Tanks, Tents, Baseball Fields, Sculptures, Churches, Golf Courses, Movie Sets, Casinos, Radio and Cell Towers and much more. Baca Lightning Protection uses Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed materials.

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We can help you protect...

To protect yourself from lightning Inside Unprotected Buildings: Stay off the telephone; move out of the kitchen, turn off laundry machines and televisions. Step away from doors and windows into the center of a large room.

Outdoors: Move away from water, piers or beaches. Avoid wire fences, metal tools, machinery, isolated trees or high rocky sites. Dismount your tractor, bike, golf cart or horse. The inside of a parked automobile is good protection.

Protect your home, business, and trees with lightning protection systems by Baca Lightning Protection. We design each individual system to conforms to codes of the National Fire Protection Association, Underwriter’s Laboratories and the Lightning Protection Institute.

We HIGHLY advise that you DO NOT attempt to rig a lightning protection system yourself. The slightest mistake in materials, design or installation can attract lightning into your home with great destruction.

Protect your barns, loafing sheds, pens, trees, irrigation systems and milking parlors with proper lightning systems. Barns are more often destroyed than other buildings because they are isolated and flammable.