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We offer free Estimates for any residential and/or commercial project.

We are happy to set up a visit to your home or project site to determine your needs and goals. We can provide an estimate from a set of construction drawings or blueprints. We are also able to provide an estimate using pictures of your project. We are typically able to provide estimates for residential projects within one day.  


BLP is certified by the Lightning Protection Institute as a Master Installer/Designer and therefore we are able to either assist in the design of your system or are capable of preparing a complete design for you. LPI Certified Master Installer/Designers must past he industry’s most comprehensive testing requirements for certification and recertification.


Your project will be completed by a team of Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) certified lightning protection system Installers. LPI installers must pass the industry’s most comprehensive testing requirement for certification and recertification. Cumulatively, our installers have in excess of 20 years of experience in the industry. They have successfully completed hundreds of projects ranging from simple residential roofs to multistory hotels and office buildings and buildings housed on National Laboratories. Because we have the largest team of certified installers in the state of New Mexico, we can typically start your project within a week of receiving the approved proposal.

Lightning Protection is a highly specialized trade that is governed by industry safety standards. Only a trained expert such as an LPI-certified contractor who specializes in lightning protection should install these systems. Design and installation are not a do-it-yourself project. Additionally, removal and reinstallation of Lightning Protection Systems should be performed by certified installers, not roofers. BLP is able to certify the system is up to date and currently designed to meet all of the latest industry standards.

UL Master Label Certifications & LPI-IP Certifications

UL Master Label certifications and LPI-IP certifications are available for all of our installations if our customers choose this option. Your lightning protection system will be inspected by a third-party inspection agency and a certification will be issued signifying compliance with current UL Standards.

BLP recommends the LPI-IP third-party inspection program. The LPI-IP program provides an all-inclusive inspection that will ensure the lightning protection system is installed correctly. For more information visit their website at

For existing systems, we are available to conduct inspections to verify compliance with current standards. We will then arrange for a third-party inspection for certification or re-certification.


It is recommended that Lightning Protection Systems be visually inspected at least annually. In areas where there are severe climate changes, is might be necessary to inspect these systems more often. A complete, in-depth inspection of ALL systems should be completed every 3-5 years. It is recommended that critical systems by inspected every 1-3 years.

Keep BLP in mind for your necessary visual inspections. We will confirm the system is in good condition, there are no loose connections, no part of the system has been weakened by corrosion or vibration, all down conductors and ground terminals are intact, there have been no alterations or additions which require additional protection, and the system complies with the current edition of the Lightning Protection Standard.

Why is a Certified Installer Necessary?

  1. LPI Certified Master Installer and Master Installer/Designers must pass the industry’s most comprehensive testing requirements for certification and recertification.

  2. Certification assures that national safety Standards of LPI, NFPA, and UL are met.

  3. Certified specialists possess experience in a highly specialized trade to ensure competence in system design, installation, inspection and maintenance.

  4.  Certified installers/designers know the best methods and materials to ensure attention to quality and aesthetics.

  5. Certification is voluntary within the industry, meaning an LPI professional subscribes to stringent standards by pursing the highest level of education and excellence in lightning protection.

  6. Contracting with an LPI-certified specialist saves you time and money.


For your safety and security, it is vital that a certified lightning protection specialist installs, repairs, or maintains your system. It is important to  work with a company that abides by the nationally recognized safety and security standards for lightning protection professionals.


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