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Building Lightning Safe

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Old, improperly installed or maintained lightning rods do not equate to a lightning protection system. It's important that property owners understand the dangers that piecemeal components and old lightning rods can pose.

Home Fire Underscores Dangers of Shoddy Lightning Protection

A tragic home fire in Herndon, PA earlier this month, illustrates the very real dangers that old materials, piecemeal components and improperly installed rods can pose to homes and structures. According to news reports, lightning struck an old lightning rod on the roof, then traveled to ground level where it connected with a gas line that ignited the home fire. The homeowners were able to get out safely, but the home was destroyed by smoke, fire and water damage. Lightning protection installation is a specialty discipline, so property owners should not assume that roofers, general contractors or even electricians are qualified to install lightning protection systems. Safe and effective lightning protection begins with materials and installation methods that comply with national safety standards. Reputable lightning protection specialists also provide options for a third-party quality assurance inspection of a lightning protection system.

Looking to learn more about lightning protection? LPI provides important educational resources for homeowners, businesses, organizations, and individuals to understand more about the lightning risk and national safety standards for lightning protection systems.

From Build and Protect, April 2019

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